In a mind of almost any western man there is a stable image of a Ukrainian woman, and apart from peculiarities of character in this image there also are characteristics of appearance – tall, blond girls with a fair skin and blue eyes are extremely valued abroad. That’s because they are not just beautiful, sexy and beautify any man near them. They are also very trustful, hearty and open. In what other country can women boast of such a successful combination of beauty and soul? Everything’s clear with men. And why don’t Ukrainian women see any perspectives of creating a family at their homeland and turn to dating agencies for help?
There are several reasons for this:

First, orientation of Ukraine after the fall of the USSR in the direction of an open state. Borders that opened for Ukraine 20 years ago gave them numerous possibilities for realization and arrangement of their lives, and many women took advantage of it.

Second, a great sureness and despondency of smart and well-educated girls in the country. The peculiarity of Ukraine is that there are not many economically developed centers where one can find a good job and implement one’s carrier ambitions. There are few big cities, and Kiev is unable to accept all those who wish. At a certain point a woman who isn’t burdened with a family is easier to find a job abroad than to agree for more modest conditions in her own country.

Another reason for a search of happiness by Ukrainian girls became a common lack of men in the country.

Such a difference unwished for women formed because nobody has ever treated such a mass mortality of men as a catastrophe. And such a mass mortality took place during the period of world’s history not seldom: numerous wars of the 20th century, in the course of which men died in millions, Stalin’s repressions, in the result of which mainly men suffered.

That’s why more and more often Ukrainian women choose an easier and more comfortable way – a marriage with a foreigner. However, one shouldn’t think that it’s an escape from domestic or social problems. Not less important for brides from Ukraine is their quality of relationships with men. Attention, care, and respect in family are mutual demands that are equally shared by partners. In Ukraine this rule doesn’t work – women always give much more than they get.