Kiev is the capital of Ukraine situated at the Dnieper river. The population is about three million people. It’s the biggest cultural and scientific center of Ukraine. It’s one of the most interesting cities of Europe though very little studied by tourists.

The capital has a long and glorious history, a high level of frontier science and education, it’s called ‘the mother of all cities’. The Golden Age of the city was in XI-XII centuries when it was a part of Kiev Rus – a powerful military and trading state. Since that time Kiev is an architectural treasury of the country, as well as the center of religious pilgrimage – here many churches, many cathedrals and temples are concentrated.

In Kiev everybody will find a great number of interesting routes, the city is famous for its landscapes and special atmosphere, and Kiev citizens are hospitable and will gladly let tourists into peculiarities of Slavic culture. It makes the capital of Ukraine a popular touristic direction.

The most beautiful vibrant city at the Dnieper in a mysterious way harmoniously combines in itself ancient Kiev with golden cupola of churches, ancient tales and architectural monuments and real Kiev with wide avenues, green parks and squares and all most modern entertainments. Everybody will find in Kiev something for himself – pilgrims go to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra to give a bow to monks laying in dark cells, and those who value art roam for hours in Kiev museums. Lovers of beach rest gladly warm their backs on a warm sand of Kiev beaches on the Dnieper bank, and children pull your sleeves asking you to go to the ‘Hydropark’ entertainment park or in bloomy botanic garden striking one’s imagination with unusual flowers and plants.

And, surely, as any capital at night Kiev never sleeps. Quite the opposite, second breath appears. Having get to bed tired tourists and Kiev citizens it hospitably opens its embraces for a hot night of entertainments. ( more info- ) Kiev seems to change its face and throws a bright gown on its shoulders, a new dress, sparkling with lights and sparks of light, multicolored, tempting. Night Kiev is beautiful as well as at a daytime, but it’s a different beauty.